is more than 30 years of flight in Reunion Island

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Live the FELIX ULM experience since the beginning !

FELIX ULM is a long story, written for more than 30 years, by people who are passionate about flying and freedom and who have made their passion their job!

Having arrived on the island only recently, Felix, an Auvergne native and free flight enthusiast, started his activity at the location of the current „Mr. Bricolage“ in Savannah, equipped with a few hang gliders.

At that time, they were the very first ultralights to fly in the sky of Reunion Island. Felix quickly moved to Le Port, still deserted, where two perpendicular runways were built.


The microlight activity develops, it’s the beginning of an era where the trikes are kings in the sky and cross the whole island. In the 1990s, trips are organized by the FELIX ULM Organization (FLUO) in the countries of the area.

Come aboard one of the ULM or Trike of Felix!


The multi-axis ultralight

The structure of the multi-axis microlight (or “3-axis”) is similar to that of an airplane, sharing the same piloting principles, the same wind protection, the same comfort and an obvious resemblance, especially on the latest generation aircraft.

Our multi-axis aircraft are all of the “high wing” type, offering ideal visibility for tourist flights.

In order to obtain the greatest possible visibility you can, on certain aircrafts, ask the pilot to open the doors during the flight.

The Trike

The pendular is made of a mobile wing connected to a beam on which a carriage is suspended. It is thus the movement of the wing by the intermediary of a bar actuated by the pilot which allows the aircraft to go up, to go down or to turn.

Aircraft model

The Rans S6

The Rans S6 is a “side-by-side” aircraft where the passenger who sits on the right side of the pilot can read the instruments (speed, altitude etc.) and participate as “co-pilot” in the different stages of the flight.
Aircraft model

The Rans S7

The Rans S7 is a tandem aircraft where the passenger is seated behind the pilot which allows him to have a perfect visibility on the right side as well as on the left side.

Aircraft model

The Trike

The pendular, used for small flights, is a wonderful instrument of freedom that allows its crew to be one with the machine and to feel intense sensations directly in contact with the air, while enjoying exceptional visibility.

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User experience is one of our highest priorities, and the clean and contemporary interface of Impeka is the icing on the premium cake.

Come aboard with one of our pilots!

Notre flotte d'appareils est constituée d'ULM multiaxe et pendulaires.

Pilot and manager


Experience > 20 000 hours of flight

Originally a paraglider, pilot and instructor of multi-axis and pendular ultralight, Felix is, as his name indicates, the founder of Felix ULM.

He has organised many trips in Madagascar, South Africa and the Sahara and is well known and recognized in the ultralight world for his achievements.

Pilot and manager


Experience > 4,000 hours of flight

Dorothée has been accompanying Felix on his adventures for over 25 years.

In addition to being a trike pilot, she is the keystone of the ground organization. She is in charge of reservations and reception of clients at the base.



Experience > 5,000 hours of flight

For more than 30 years, Thierry has been a multi-axis ultralight pilot and a tandem ultralight instructor.

He took part in numerous national and international competitions of two-seater trike, which earned him the title of champion on several occasions.



Experience > 3 000 h of flight

Théo is a pilot and a multi-axis ultralight instructor, member of the discipline commission of the DSAC Indian Ocean.

He also holds the basic airplane certificate and the CAEA, introducing young students to aeronautics.



Experience > 7000 hours of flight

Since 2004, Laurent has been a multiaxis airplane and microlight pilot, qualified in aerial photography and parachute dropping.



Guillaume, our mechanic, takes care of the maintenance of our entire fleet with rigor and professionalism.

He is approved by the National Center for Technical Training and Testing ULM (CNFTE).



Experience > 3,000 hours of flight

Serge has been a pilot and instructor of multi-axis microlights, hang gliders and paraglider with engine for 36 years.

He also holds a basic airplane license, glider pilot and free flight (paragliding) instructor.

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