The pioneer of ULM in Reunion Island

You want to make a microlight flight in Reunion Island?

You wish to live an unforgettable adventure?

You wish to take height to observe the contrasts of the intense island?

You are in the right place!
Reunion Island from the sky is a must!

Welcome to us, welcome to FELIX ULM!

We have been established since 1988. We had the pleasure to create the 1st flight circuits and to train the 1st pilots!

Today we are happy to welcome you on our base in Cambaie with its panoramic view on the Cape Lahoussaye!

Dorothée welcomes you every day with her smile, her kindness and her good coffee!

The pilots will share their anecdotes and guide you during the flight!

And with a bit of luck, you might even catch a glimpse of Felix’s moustache and listen to the story of his adventures!


Why fly microlight from the West Coast?

The landscapes of Reunion Island

Flying over Reunion Island in a microlight is a must if you want to get some height and discover the island in its most inaccessible corners.

Authenticity and intimacy

You hesitate with a helicopter flight? The microlight offers you a more authentic and intimate experience.

Sharing and complicity

Throughout the flight, your pilot will share his anecdotes, knowledge and tourist tips.

Weather conditions

The base of Cambaie is protected from the wind and the sky is clear almost every day of the year! In case of bad conditions, the flight is postponed without any charge.

Fly a trike

FELIX ULM, the only base in Reunion Island where you can fly a ultralight trike!

Would you like to fly over Reunion Island in a microlight?

Comfortable and efficient aircraft as well as experienced pilots are at your disposal to make the flight of your choice in complete safety. The different circuits have been selected to give you the maximum of sensations and pleasure.

At FELIX ULM, it is also about welcoming and sharing.

Our facilities and flights are accessible for people with reduced mobility.


Fly in complete safety!!

01. Training of the pilots

Our pilots are chosen for their technical skills but also for their human qualities. Most of them are flight instructors, they are trained to manage all situations and follow a training session every year

02. Maintenance of the aircrafts

Our aircrafts are monitored and maintained by a professional and rigorous mechanic, certified by the FFPLUM’s National Center for Technical Training and Microlight Tests.

03. Rescue parachutes

To guarantee a maximum level of safety, all FELIX ULM aircrafts are equipped with emergency parachutes, within reach of the pilot and the passenger. This safety device has proven itself worldwide.

04. Emergency equipment

Numerous safety equipments are on board our aircraft, among which :

  • distress beacons,
  • survival kits,
  • water bottles,
  • knives.

Discover the training with FELIX ULM

You want to fly on your own? Take our pilot training!

Theoretical program

  • Flight mechanics
  • Piloting
  • Meteorology
  • Regulations
  • Altimetry
  • Safety
  • Human factors​​

Practical program

  • Discovery of the environment and the flight domain
  • Learning to fly and flight management
  • Take-offs Lap and landing
  • Management of breakdowns
  • Release and solo lap sessions
  • Improvement piloting
  • Final test
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