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Your most frequently asked questions

You want to live an unforgettable adventure

Do you want to take high altitude to observe the contrasts of the intense island?

The conditions to fly

Several cases of figure:

  1. The conditions strongly limit the tour you had initially chosen. In this case, it is sometimes preferable to postpone the flight.

  2. The weather partially hides the island (typically the South and the East) but allows to visit some cirques and the lagoon. In this case, we adapt your tour to make the most of the day, so that you can leave fulfilled!

We ask you to call us on the morning of your flight to check with you in order to avoid a possible unnecessary trip.

We fly all year round. Flights take place in the morning between 6am and 11am, for meteorological reasons. Indeed, it is in this time range that the probability of good weather is maximum, especially in the interior of the island.

No. Children can fly from a very young age, as long as they know how to unbuckle their seatbelt by themselves.

Before flying

For multi-axis microlight flights, it is recommended to wear a fleece or a vest if you fly during the southern winter (roughly from May to October).

If you fly in a Trike, on the other hand, it is preferable to wear something against the cold all year round.
In any case, we will be able to offer you protection against the cold, if you have not planned anything.

Yes, our microlights are two-seater, you travel alone with your pilot. In the case where you are several to fly, we make leave several ULM successively which follow one another.

During the flight

A regulation limits our tourist flights to 40 km from our departure base. To observe the volcano, we take a maximum of altitude until the Bellevue pass, which offers an overall view on the Piton de la Fournaise massif. On the other hand, the flight over the Piton des Neiges is not restricted and you will be able to enjoy it fully!

Yes, you can take as many pictures or videos as you want, as long as your device is held securely, for example with a strap.

Possibly. The doors can only be opened on some of our aircrafts and at certain stages of the flight. If you wish to take pictures with the door open, please indicate this at the time of your reservation. You will then be able to ask your pilot to open the doors at certain times during the flight.


Felix ULM has taken care to think and ensure that people with reduced mobility can come and enjoy the facilities and the ULM.

Félix ULM provides you with a TPE to allow you to pay by credit card. You can also pay by holiday voucher and cash.

Yes, you can ask for a gift voucher at the office and get a paper version.

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