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The 3 Axis Aircraft

The 3 Axis Aircraft’s shape is similar to the plane’s one: same way of piloting, same protection against the wind, same confort and an obvious similarity, especially on the aircrafts of the last generation.

The control yoke allows to lean the plane backward, forward, on the right side, or on the left  side (pitching and rolling). The tool yokes, on their side, engage the drift for the aircraft to bank (flat curve).


As its big brother, the 3 Axis Aircraft is generally equipped with flaps that allow to increase the lift during the take-off and the landing.
To get the best visibility, you can ask the pilot to open the doors during the flight.
Felix ULM’s 3 Axis Ultralight aircrafts fleet is made of 2 models:
LThe Rans S6 is a “side-by-side seating” plane, in which the passenger, seated at the right side of the pilot, can read the instrument flying (speed, altitude...) and participate as a “co-pilot” in the different steps of the flight.
The Rans S7 is similar to a tandem plane, in which the passenger is seated behind the pilot, which allows him to have a perfect visibility on the right side as well as on the left side.


The Pendular Aircraft

Unlike the 3 Axis ultralight, the Pendular Ultralight is made of one mobile wing, joined up to a beam on which a trolley case is hanged. The pilot, by activating a bar that moves the wings, allows the aircraft to fly up, down or to tank.


The Pendular Ultralight is a wonderful instrument of freedom that allows to its crew to be one with the aeroplane and to feel intense feelings, directly in contact with the air and with an outstanding visibility.
This intuitive pilotage, worthy of pionneers,  has a counterpart.
The drag, more significant, dicreases the performances, more particularly in term of speed.
For weight reasons, the Pendular Ultralight is mainly equipped with a 2 times motor, that consumes a lot of gas.
At last, the kit for flight in high altitude is more substantial (wearing a flying suit is obligatory),otherwise watch out the cold.
But these small strains are nothing compare to the pleasure given by this fantastic flying machine.

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